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What do we offer? That's easy! 

Combining Old With New... Defining You...

 Our unique personalized attention to detail has made us a favorite for any occasion for over 20 years!, we have assisted  hundreds of couples in successfully combining the beauty of western tradition with the regal culture of African Heritage. Should  you decide you want a traditional African Wedding or just want to add a hint of heritage, we can help.

Now that you have decided to "Jump the Broom"  your ceremonial wedding broom should be as beautiful as the tradition it represents.Our cutting edge designes can fit any setting, and will have your guest talking for years to come.  Don't let the name fool you African American Bridal is a full service provider of wedding products and services  to fit any wedding setting, with  specialized expertise on the African American wedding and anniversary.

  "Combining the old with the new . Defining you" is  our signature statement. Interchanging ideas and concepts to create the ideal wedding atmosphere is now our signature result ! 

Couture' Wedding Broom Shop 
Ready to Jump the Broom

Wedding Jumping Brooms
Custom Wedding Brooms 
Brooms to go!

Your wedding broom should be as beautiful as the tradition it represents. Click here to view our collections

Be safe and stylish!

Wearing a face mask says you care about others. Our new line of classy, decorative, and Afrocentric mask will allow you to seamlessly integrate your mask with everyday life! Protect the ones you love ... No one said you couldn't look good while doing it!

Digital Proofing  


You'll be the first to see it ....

Digital proofing allows you to work with a designer to create the perfect wedding broom or broom favors. You can select your colors, design elements and flowers. Then work with a designer to be sure it's just what you want before it's shipped. 

Wedding Essentials Shop 

Table decor
Ceremony items
Bridal sets 
Gifts and More
Personalized Aisle Runners 

Now that he "put a ring on it" let's get down to the details. Click here for all of your wedding accessories 

Gift Registry & Wishlist 

Our Gift Registry is called a "wishlist" If you're looking for a friends registry click here and type in your friends name.

Custom Rhinestone/Bling T's and Robes  

Shout it from the roof tops!

You asked and now they're  here blinged T's, Robes, dresses, hats mugs and much more, now available for you and your party. They make great gifts for your bridesmaid proposals or just for fun.

Business Services  

Buy/Sell/Trade your wedding related items
List your site 
Sell your Product 

Buy Sell and Trade wedding items!

Installment Plans for any budget

African American Bridal offers installment plans for 2,4,6 and up to 12 months to allow you to pay monthly or weekly to fit your budget!

Explanation Cards  
Give your guest the gift of understanding

Add explanation cards to your broom favors. These cards can be added to your broom favors to give each guest a better understanding of  the jumping of the broom. Some people "just don't know" or understand. We find that the experience is better when everyone understands the full meaning.

 Suggested uses for our explanation cards 

  • Wedding favors for your guest
  • Add them to your favors
  • Use them with table numbers
  • Personalized keepsakes 
  • Shower favors for bridal shower
  • Attach them to thank you notes after the wedding
  • Add them to your programs 
  • Anniversary parties

Give us your suggestions, we would love to hear from you

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