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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions ....

We have compiled a list of the commonly asked questions here for your convenience.

We hope  we have answered your questions to your satisfaction, however if we have not addressed your question please feel free to contact our office for more personalized attention.

Simply click on the question below to view the answers.
Call Toll-Free 888-308-4051

  • Do you have a printed catalog
    Do you have a catalog? Due to the custom nature of our business we no longer provide catalogs. Catalog production is costly and would require constant updating to keep your abreast of our new items. In order to keep your cost to a minimum we have decided not to carry a print catalog at this time. The website provides a comprehensive listing of our product offering and our customer service team is here to help. Or you may order a digital proof of your order if you would like to see it before it's shipped.  back to top

  • Digital Proofs of your order
    African American Bridal understands that sometimes purchasing items over the internet can be an ordeal. That is why for a small fee of $5.00, we provide a full color digital photo of all custom items. That way you can see what you are purchasing, before it's delivered! All photos are top quality digital photos of all angles of your purchase (2-4 shots the same quality as the photos on the site. We recommend this service for custom orders only.  back to top

  • How does the digital proof system work
    Once you have completed your order, our designer will contact you regarding color choices if necessary, and changes to the existing arrangement. Once your design is completed we will send you an e-mail with your digital proof link, user name and password for your review.  back to top

  • How do I get a digital proof of my order
    When you place your order please be sure to select the digital proof option. Once you have decided to purchase digital proofs of your order a notification will be sent to you via email providing you with a user name and password to enter our secure page for review. This service is now offered to non ordering customers. If you are undecided about a custom item we will provide you with 2-4 shots of that item before you purchase it. This process works the same as sample items, however we avoid the shipping charges by providing you with online access to the items via our digital proofing process.  back to top

  • I placed and order but did not receive an order confirmation
    Order confirmations are generated by our system when your order is placed. If you did not receive one the following things may have occurred. 1- Your email may have been entered incorrectly. 2- Your ISP may have placed us in with the spam mail. To avoid this in the future please add to your approved senders list. If you would like a copy of your order confirmation please contact our office.  back to top

  • I saw something on the featured page I would like to purchase, is that possible?
    While some of the details presented in the featured wedding are available for purchase, most are custom made, therefore no two are identical. The description of each product indicates if the product is custom or direct ship.  back to top

  • What if I don't like my custom order, can I return it?
    African American Bridal provides digital proofs of all order therefore we do not allow the return of custom items. Custom items may only be returned due to defect or damage. All items must be returned in original purchase condition with the original packing materials. Items returned without it will be refused unless the return is due to company error of defect of some kind.  back to top

  • International Shipping
    We're sorry but African American Bridal does not provide international shipping. Deliveries to other countries are not easily traceable and arrival can not be guaranteed.  back to top

  • I don't feel comfortable using my credit card on the internet. How can i make a purchase?
    Phone and Mail Orders African American Bridal accepts orders over the phone and by mail. To order by phone call toll-free 888-308-4051 or email To order by phone, please call us during our customer service hours. Tuesday - Saturday 9-6pm EST Closed Sunday and Monday. Before calling, please note the Product Numbers or names of the items you wish to order. To find the Product Number, simply click on the item you wish to order and locate the Product Number below the item name. To order by mail, simply go through the online ordering process by choosing the products you wish to order, adding them to your shopping cart, and check out. Complete all information in the checkout process. When prompted to enter your credit card number, simply check the box marked "Pay by Check or Money Order" and click continue. Once you complete your order, you will be given an Order Number and shown a final receipt page. Print and mail this page with your payment to: 13498 Lawrence St 9210 Jena Rd, Spring Hill Fl 34608 Please write your order number on your check/money order. If you are unable to print your receipt, please include a note with your check clearly stating your Order Number.  back to top

  • I am paying by check/money order, will I receive a confirmation?
    When you submit your order you will receive an automatic email Pre-Confirmation notice acknowledging that we received your order. If you do not receive that notice, your email address may have been entered incorrectly. If you are making payment by check your order will not be processed until we have received your check or money order and have verified funds. There is a $25.00 Fee for all returned checks. Orders will not be shipped until all fees have been paid in full. Please make checks or money orders payable to: African   back to top

  • What are the shipping charges for my order?
    Shipping charges will be added to your total order amount when items are shipped. Rates are calculated based on weight .Larger pieces of African Art may require additional charges. This will be indicated when you make your selection. Please allow at least 7-10 business days for shipment of in-stock items; additional delivery time may be necessary for some African art items as they are shipped from Africa. If an item will not be delivered within this time, we will advise you of the estimated ship date. Note*** This does not apply to custom orders. You will be advised of shipping time frames for custom orders when your order is placed.  back to top

  • Custom Item Shipping
    Because of the nature of our business here at African American Bridal and the personalized service provided, we do not stock merchandise for immediate shipping. All orders are processed within 24 hours. This means that within 24 hours, the order is placed in a queue to be made by African American Roots and/or its Supplier. Receipt of product is based upon actual purchase and the extensiveness of production, shipping requirements, and your location, shipping method, date in which the order was received, etc. and may take 2-4 weeks.   back to top

  • Express Custom Orders
    While we do accept express orders these orders will be assessed an additional fee in addition to the express mail charges. These charges are to cover the cost of time and labor of our staff. During wedding season March -August these fees will be applied.  back to top

  • Privacy Policy
    African American Bridal does not nor will we ever share or sell customer information. We respect your right to privacy. Any information you give us is strictly confidential. ALL information obtained is used for the sole purpose of completing your sale. Further, we do not send you unsolicited email-ads or site update information, unless you have requested it or subscribed to our mailing list. We want you to know that you can visit and shop with us without reservation. Earning your confidence and trust is essential to our continued success.  back to top

  • Out Of Stock Items/Back Order Items
    Should this unforeseen event occur, it is important that you use a proper email address when ordering in the event that we need to contact you. Upon notification of out of stock items the customer will be given (2) options: 1- Choose another item of equal value to replace the out of stock item. 2- Full refund of purchase price within 14 business days. If an order can be partially filled, it will be and the items not filled, will be credited in full to your account within one billing cycle. BACK ORDER ITEMS Items that are on back order are usually made available again within two (2) weeks. Once the item is made available, your order will be shipped immediately. BACK ORDER ITEMS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION UNTIL THE TWO WEEK PERIOD HAS PASSED. If your item is still on back order after 14 days, we will contact you so that you may replace the item(s) with merchandise of equivalent value. If you choose no product replacement, the full amount paid for the back ordered product will be returned to you. Should and item be out of stock, we will contact you for instructions on how you would like to proceed.  back to top

  • Cancellations
    Orders are processed by African American Bridal and/or it's suppliers within 24 hour; therefore cancellations must be received no later than 24 hours after placing your order. We reserve the right to refuse a cancellation if the order has already been shipped by African American Bridal. Important: Please DO NOT CANCEL YOUR ORDER BY REPLYING TO A RECEIPT EMAIL OR CONFIRMATION NOTICE SENT BY AFRICAN AMERICAN BRIDAL. Cancel by sending an email to: Refunds for cancellations will be handled as follows: All items must be returned in the original packing material, with any other items or accessories provided. Items returned for refund with items missing will be refused or accessed a 15% restock fee, unless the return is due to defect or damage in shipping and handling. Refunds will be made after receipt and verification of merchandise. Any and all products found to be defective or damaged will be replaced or returned within 15 days. COD RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  back to top

  • Shades of you market place
    The "Shades of You Market Place" is designed to bring our clients and visitors authentic quality art and home decor. We plan to expand this area to include an upscale vendor market place.  back to top

  • Can I make changes to and existing design?
    Pictures are provided to give our customers a visual picture of how the ceremonial broom will look. White or ivory flowers are used in most; however you may exchange the flowers for the colors of your choice where available. Work with our designer to obtain a coordination look for your order.  back to top

  • Returns/exchanges/disputes
    African American Bridal has a 14 day return policy on all damaged or defective custom items and a 14 day on other items.  back to top

  • Customer Discounts / Return Customer Discounts Restrictions
    African American Bridal provides return customer discount incentives to it's customers to encourage return business. These discounts are provided on our products and services only. And may only be applied to items produced by African or African American Bridal, Items purchased through outside vendors such as artwork attire, stationary and invitations DO NOT qualify for the return customer discount.(RCD-001) Occasionally our vendors provide us with promotions and discounts and these discounts may be passed on to our customers at our discretion.  back to top

  • Back Orders
    All Orders will be shipped via USPS Priority mail or USPS express mail unless another method is requested. We will not ship your order until ALL items are available. Therefore if any items are on back order we will wait for them to arrive, as opposed to making two shipments. We will notify you if your order is delayed. Delayed Orders are not subject to cancellation whether due to back order item(s) or as a result of the carrier. If we have informed you that your order has been shipped and your order is not received within two weeks please notify us immediately so that we may track your order/package. Shipping Rates: will vary USPS Priority Mail (other methods may vary)  back to top

  • Pay Pal Verified
    African American Bridal is PayPal Verified PayPal's Verification System allows you to learn more about users before you pay them through PayPal. Verify that the information below is consistent with the business, organization or person you wish to pay. Email: Status: Verified Account Creation Date: Oct. 5, 2002 To ensure that this is a legitimate PayPal Verified user, make sure that the URL of this page begins with What it Means to be Verified To become Verified, a PayPal member must provide us with proof that he or she has opened an account at a bank or other financial institution. Because these institutions are required by law to screen account holders, PayPal's verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know. Please note that PayPal's verification system does not constitute an endorsement of a member, nor a guarantee of a member's business practices. You should always consider other indicators when evaluating members, including length of PayPal membership and reputation scores (on eBay or other auction sites, if applicable). Copyright¬© 1999-2003 PayPal. All rights reserved.   back to top

  • Installment Plans
    Auto Deductions: When you select this option our system automatically bills on the pre-selected date each month, for the predetermined number of payments. This is a great option which frees you up to deal with other things. Your account is charged each month and a receipt is sent to you via email. Once your final payment is completed your items are automatically prepared! If you think you would like to double some of your payments we do not recommend using the auto option. Manual Processing: Manual processing allows you the flexibility of making your payments when it's convenient for you. You can make payment when ever you like 24 hours a day 7 days per week. You can also make double or single payments and clear your balance at any time. For your convenience we can process the payments anyway you like. Please let us know which plan best fits your needs.  back to top

  • Wholesale Distributor Program
    Our resent change in status with the State of Florida requires that we obtain a wholesale agreement along with verification of wholesale status. African American Bridal will only provide wholesale pricing on products manufactured by our organization i.e. wedding brooms, broom favors, wedding packages, aisle runners and crowns. African Attire, Art work and other items are not available for wholesale distribution. This service will only be provided to qualified businesses with valid wholesale certification. A copy of your wholesale certificate is required along with a copy of the whole sale agreement. Minimum purchase requirements do apply, and drop shipping is available. Contact our office for more information. You may also send your email to  back to top

  • Detailed Shipping Information
    DUE TO THE CUSTOM NATURE OF OUR BUSINESS AFRICAN AMERICAN BRIDAL DOES NOT STOCK CUSTOM ITEMS FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. MOST ITEMS ARE PREPARED AT THE TIME OF ORDER PLACEMENT. Normal Order Processing Time For Custom Designed Items: (Not during wedding season) All custom designed orders require 2-3 weeks processing time. All Do it yourself products are shipped 24-48 hrs after order placement. Most items are shipped priority mail and take 3-5 days to arrive. Express Order Process time frame: Express orders will be processed as quickly as possible but still require the proper processing time. Custom orders (color style variation) that require preparation in under 2 weeks please select the express shipping option. This ensures that your order will be shipped by a traceable next day medium. While we do accept express orders, preparation time is still needed to complete your order. Orders not falling within a 2 week time frame may asses an additional "express prep" charge of $10.00. (this does not include the brooms to go items) PEAK WEDDING SEASON APRIL-AUGUST If your order does not fall within the allotted processing time frame express shipping charges will be applied to your order to ensure that your custom items arrive on time, If your order does not fall within the allocated processing time.  back to top

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