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Our Founder  
The furthest thing from Ka-Veronica Braddy’s mind, as she planned her heritage wedding, was that she would be launching her new career. After working for several years in the business world as an Executive Assistant, Ka-Veronica soon discovered that working for others was not providing enough of a creative outlet for her. It didn't satisfy her need to design, develop, and produce elegant things.
In 2000 Ka-Veronica married her long–time friend. She left her job to help her husband with his business and made creating the heritage wedding of her dreams a priority. After months of shopping, interviewing, and coordinating all the details for her own wedding, her friends were so impressed with the results that they asked her for help in planning their weddings. As more and more friends and acquaintances solicited her help and advice, Veronica realized there was an enormous need amongst the African American community for someone to assist brides in learning about their heritage and guiding them through the process of tasteful integration. Today’s African American bride is limited at best, when they decide to include African culture into the wedding experience. She realized that she could fill that need. The more involved Veronica became in the wedding industry, the more she recognized the need for a line of elegant heritage wedding accessories.
“With the advent of the Internet and the statistics that over 80% of brides are now doing some aspect of wedding planning online the choice was clear.  In 2002, armed with her faith and the full support of her family and friends, Ka-Veronica launched a complete line of beautiful wedding brooms, coordinating favors, and accessories with original designs, hand-crafted by Ka-Veronica Braddy.  In addition to her products, Ka-Veronica used the website to educate her customers on the origin, history and emotion behind each tradition. now offers more than 200 items and sets the trend for today's African American bride. As a designer, Ka-Veronica’s creative vision boldly fuses the beauty of American tradition with the regal culture of African Heritage. Veronica has captured the essence of our diverse culture the grace and spirit of old traditions with cutting-edge design. She is continually redefining the term "heritage bridal accessories" and creating products that are as evolved as today’s African Americans. In 2010the website recorded over 3 million visitors from all over the country proving that the need did exist.   
 Having always been the trendsetter in providing the most current resources Ka-Veronica hosted her cable television show Heritage Bridal.  to further her quest to provide resources for ethnic brides, as well as showcasing unique and innovative entrepreneurs. “Heritage Bridal”  aired in 2008. All of her continued endeavors are infused with the continued vision of “Combining old and new...  defining you” and is now backed by a name that has become synonymous with elegance, culture and expertise.

"Now Celebrating 15 years"

About Us 
Our Mission..
African-Weddings About Us

Keeping our focus...


Thank you for expressing interest in African American Bridal. With the recent increased awareness of our products and services, We remain focused on ensuring that our rapid growth is carefully managed in order to provide optimal experience, awareness and understanding to our distributors and customers.

We will continue to provide you with a fresh outlook that will help you combine your heritage and ever-evolving culture to arrive at an event that is as unique as the evolution of the African American.

"We encourage you to continue to think outside of the box.. The traditional box, that is."

Let's face it we are called African American, but what does that really mean? Today's African American is a new breed of people, we are no longer afraid of our heritage, however, we're so far removed from it that we are unsure how to make our heritage, and our new lives as Americans complement each other. That's where we come in, we can help you combine the old (African) with the new (American) to define you! (African-American) It's the whole premise of our business. 

The Personal Touch

Sometimes it's the smallest things that make the largest impact. We believe the personal touch is important. From the decision on color to the incorporation of those colors into a theme. Sometimes adding a spiritual element makes all the difference in the world. As an African American, you have a wealth of cultures from which to choose. Don't be afraid of combining various elements to design a style that can be your signature statement. Learn as much as you can about African culture so that you can understand the symbolism behind each element. This will make the incorporation of these elements much more meaningful for you and your guests.

" In all thy getting, get understanding" (Proverbs 4:7)

Do it your way...

Be yourself, don't feel pressed to follow any philosophy other than your own.The last thing you want is to look back with regret. Who knows, you may even decide that you want a formal wedding. Formal doesn't always translate into a white gown and veil accompanied by white tie and tails. Instead, the two of you may choose formal West African as your theme, Nigerian Osooke or Ghanaian Kente for your traditional attire, or maybe you might take that traditional dress and add a rich and royal crown.... who knows maybe you'll combine them all... Or maybe you just want to add some rich ethnic cloth to the table of your reception. Just be sure to do it your way... there is no right or wrong way of doing things. We just want to help you open your mind to the possibilities and vast resources you have available to you.

African American Bridal com provides a variety of custom services. Custom designs are only limited by your imagination and time.

 From invitations to attire, accessories,and flowers, planning a wedding can actually be very rewarding, that is if you don't stress yourself out.

Planning ahead and making informed decisions will help, however,  it's easier when you can tie a theme into your planning, so allow African to help you find the perfect heritage accents, and provide assistance on selecting other African-inspired items such as gifts, art, jewelry for your bridal party, and the important people who help make it all happen.

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  • Broom Presentation
  • Wedding Brooms
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  • Bridal Runners
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Than You!
Crowning Glory Wedding Crown

Ka-Veronica Braddy 

Our company is growing by leaps and bounds and we would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support. This has been 18 of the most tremendous years, and we could not have done it without  the favor of God  and your trust and support. As we continue to move forward we hope that you will continue to support us in our growth.

We currently have one of the largest selections of  ceremonial wedding brooms and accompanying favors available and we are continuing to grow. In addition to our wedding brooms and favors we have also expanded to  provide a verity of other African American wedding accessories and gifts.

Thank you for visiting with us. We look forward to serving you with excellence!

Inspiration for the vision
Inspiration for the vision

In loving memory of my mom who taught me how to dream big...  And to pray until something happens

Personalized Attention
Custom Items

Custom Items made and packed with care

All Items are custom made, hand  packaged and shipped. We take pride in providing personalized service and making sure each order is custom and special.


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