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Here's a thought....
Incorporate your guests into the wedding ceremony

The heritage ceremony is all about the joining of families, invite your guest to get involved.
Give each guest a printed ribbon when they arrive, or place it in the program with a special bible verse or poem. The ribbon should have your name and wedding date or the special bible verse printed on it  (john 3:16). Chose a time in the ceremony, before or after, when each guest can tie their ribbon on the wedding broom. When you jump the broom you'll be jumping with the good wishes and prayers of all of your guests!
This can also be done at the reception.



 Printed Ribbon

Favor Information
Give your guest the gift of understanding

Add explanation cards to your broom favors. These cards can be added to your broom favors to give each guest a better understand of  the jumping of the broom. Some people "just don't know" or understand. We find that the experience is better when everyone understands the full meaning.

 Suggested Uses for our party favors.

  • Wedding favors for your guest
  • Shower favors for bridal shower
  • Attach them to thank you notes after the wedding
  • Boutonnières  for the male attendants
  • Anniversary parties

Give us your suggestions, we would love to hear from you

Experience Royal Elegance

Combining Old With New... Defining You...

Now that you have decided to "Jump the Broom" we can help you.Your ceremonial wedding broom should be as beautiful as the tradition it represents. African Weddings.com is a full service provider of products and services for the African American wedding and anniversary. At African-Weddings.com our unique personalized attention makes us a favorite for any occasion. 

Since 2000, we have assisted  hundreds of couples in successfully combining the beauty of western tradition with the regal culture of African Heritage. 

Should  you decide you want a traditional African Wedding or just want to add a hint of heritage, we can help.

Finally, a service that assists you with the comfortable integration of two cultures to create the look that represents who you are! Our services include custom crowns, a large selection of ceremonial wedding brooms, coordinating broom favors, custom designed aisle runners, heritage bridal sets, books and resources, ancestral tributes, broom ceremonies, a large selection of gifts and favor ideas, and a full-service, fine art bridal registry and wedding ceremony ideas.

  "Combining the old with the new . Defining you" is  our signature statement. Interchanging ideas and concepts to create the ideal wedding atmosphere is now our signature result ! 

Custom Designed Wedding Items

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box... or create your own

African American Roots, Inc. has built and maintained a reputation for providing unique items that are  thought provoking and deeply rooted in our culture. In other words we are not afraid to step outside the box. Instead we created our own...

As an African American, you have a wealth of cultures from which to choose. Don't be afraid of combining various elements to design a style that can be your signature statement.

The "Royal Collection" is comprised of several complementary items that will help you successfully marry heritage with tradition and culture. Popular and personal. Each of the pieces featured here were created  by our custom designer and has remained popular throughout the years. 

View our collection and open your mind to the possibilities for your wedding...

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Digital proofing allows you to work with a designer to create the perfect wedding broom or broom favors. You can select your colors, design elements and flowers. Then work with a designer to be sure it's just what you want before it's shipped. 

We've password protected this section of  our site so that you get to see your beautiful custom designed item(s) before anyone else does. We have added links for you to send your page to a friend, so you can decide who you want to share it with, or just keep it our little secret until that special day!

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