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Here's a thought....
Incorporate your guests into the wedding ceremony

The heritage ceremony is all about the joining of families, invite your guest to get involved.
Give each guest a printed ribbon when they arrive, or place it in the program with a special bible verse or poem. The ribbon should have your name and wedding date or the special bible verse printed on it  (john 3:16). Chose a time in the ceremony, before or after, when each guest can tie their ribbon on the wedding broom. When you jump the broom you'll be jumping with the good wishes and prayers of all of your guests!
This can also be done at the reception.



 Printed Ribbon

Favor Information
Give your guest the gift of understanding

Add explanation cards to your broom favors. These cards can be added to your broom favors to give each guest a better understand of  the jumping of the broom. Some people "just don't know" or understand. We find that the experience is better when everyone understands the full meaning.

 Suggested Uses for our party favors.

  • Wedding favors for your guest
  • Shower favors for bridal shower
  • Attach them to thank you notes after the wedding
  • Boutonnières  for the male attendants
  • Anniversary parties

Give us your suggestions, we would love to hear from you

Ethnic Crowns and Headpeices 
Ethnic Bridal Purses 
Khemetic Ensemble  
Thereze Fleetwood

You've asked and now they are available!

African American Roots,Inc is proud to provide the The Therez Fleetwood bridal collection.

The Fleetwood collection  offers beautiful gown silhouettes for brides who are confident, self assured and dare to be different. These elegant gowns are the ultimate expression of individuality. Ms Fleetwoods beautiful designs have graced the pages of several magazines and she continues to be a leader in upscale bridal design.

 Now they're available here 

Make your selection from a verity of  exciting ensembles that are perfect for daytime,  evening, destination and island weddings.

These dynamic world renowned collections feature  exotic gold silk wedding gowns; Royal Egyptian sheaths; sassy short dresses; and decorative patchwork with hand-beaded panels. Most gowns are designed with a dramatic headpiece or veil that complete your look.

Fresh Exciting and New.....

Therez Fleetwood is noted for the colorful beads, trinkets, shells, lace designs and the cord embroidery that are sewn into her dresses.  In all these cases, the pattern pieces are laid flat and the intricate patterns are drawn on by hand as a guide for the beader to follow.

All gowns are carefully assembled and hand pressed. Ms. Fleetwoods  seamstresses are highly trained and experienced to produce dresses with unparalleled quality and construction standards.

Please allow us to provide you with excellent service by allowing 3-5 months Lead time for all custom garments.

Call Toll-Free 888-523-0091  For additional information

 Need a matching handbag? 
The Threze Fleetwood Collection

Making of a Gown - Customization

All gowns are carefully assembled and hand pressed. Our seamstresses are highly trained and experienced to produce dresses with unparalled quality and construction standards.

Because all wedding gowns are custom made, we can personalize the style you select to make it uniquely yours. You have the option of changing the color, fabric, train length, neckline and sleeves and even the embellishments. The result is a beautiful gown that expresses your individual personality.

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